Fun Run

September 27, 2019 

Your participation and contributions are key for a successful fall fundraiser that will allow us to continue to support our teachers and students. Our efforts to raise funds allows your PTA the ability to fund Learning Incentive Programs (IXL, Education City), Teacher Grants, Community Events, Art Enrichment, and so much more! This will be our primary fundraiser for the year! 

Our goal is to raise $15,000.

We are asking each student to set a fundraising goal of at least $25. 

While the purpose of this event is to raise money, a Fun Run promotes physical fitness, builds school spirit and pride, instills a sense of accomplishment, and creates a fun and memorable way for our students to participate in supporting their school. 

How does our Fun Run work? 

Students Collect Donations: Collecting donations is easier than you think, the key is to ask! Pledge envelopes are included on this letter. Please support your student’s attempts to collect contributions. We will post a copy of the donation envelope to our PTA website that students can easily copy and paste to mail, email or share on social media. Encourage students to ask everyone they know. 

Students Run: All students will participate the day of the event regardless of whether they have collected donations or not. Students will run with their class at a specified time for about 20 minutes. We are looking for flat donations instead of per lap pledges. If you don’t have time to raise money, consider donating $25 per student. Every student will receive a free student chain and toe tokens for participating. The class that raises the most money will receive a pizza party and their teacher will earn a prize as well! Parents and family members are welcome to cheer on their students and VOLUNTEERS are always needed. 

We will be offering healthy snack options after the race.
If you would like to donate some granola type bar snacks, we would be very appreciative. You can deliver the snacks to the school office on or before Thursday September 26.