Please join Pleasant Valley PTA on Friday Feb 7th for the Family Sweetheart Dance! The dance will be at Pleasant Valley from 6 pm - 8 pm. All in the community are welcome, and there is no cost for admission.


We need VOLUNTEERS to help make this event successful! Click this LINK to view our sign-up page. Thank you for supporting your PTA!


There will be a DJ and dancing in the large gym, and there will be refreshments, raffle baskets and a photo booth in the small gym. You can purchase tickets for 50¢ each. You can view a list of items available below. Raffle tickets can be purchased separately, and are also 50¢ each.


Photo booth : 6 tickets/ person 

Ice Cream Sundae : 5 tickets/ sundae

Popcorn : 1 ticket/ bag

Cotton Candy : 2 tickets/ bag

Bottled Water : 1 ticket/ bottle