“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

- Maya Angelou

 Why is training important to Pleasant Valley PTA?

As board members, it is our fiduciary responsibility to manage the corporation in the best interest of its members as a whole. Knowledge of the applicable state and federal regulations is key for operating our non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable corporation, and to run programs & handle budgets responsibly. Training is what helps to give our local unit credibility. A well-trained and informed board should be a great selling point to encourage the community to join a local unit. Trained board members should be proud of stepping up to the responsibility in their local unit. A training bylaw was approved at the 2011 Washington State PTA Convention by members that understand the importance of a well-trained PTA and that training can be the difference between a successful & an unsuccessful PTA.


As a board member, you will find all documents that are helpful to your position and training here

All board members need to review the conflict of interest policy and fill out the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF Pleasant Valley PTA CONFLICT-OF-INTEREST POLICY every year. It can be filled out electronically here via google form.

Our current board Roster is here