Stuff the Bus has not been scheduled yet. We are in need of a chair for this program.

What is stuff the bus?? Both schools participate in a canned food drive that benefits: 


How does it work? 

In years past the PVP and PVM Classes that donate the most items on the list below will earn a reward. Like a class donut party. 

PTA hopes to encourage our students to give back to the community that surrounds them. Every year, students gather as many food items as possible to fill the school bus parked in front of the flagpole for the week. The items donated will benefit SHARE which serves the Hungry and Homeless locally.

Day Item Points
Monday Canned Fruit 5
Tuesday Boxed Dinner* 5
Wednesday 1lb package of Rice/Pasta 5
Thursday Individual Microwaveable Meals** 5
Friday Peanut Butter/Tuna/Canned Chicken/Bean 5

*Boxed Dinner Examples : Mac N Cheese, Tuna Helper, Chicken Helper

**Individual Microwaveable Meals Examples : Soup, Chili, Mac N Cheese, Oatmeal, Entrees (Shelf Stable) – heats in its own container

Items received, not on the list/or requested day, will earn one point

If you would like to make this event happen and are interested in chairing it, Please contact the PTA President.  

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