2015-2016 Membership Count: 370

2016-2017 Membership Goal: 385


Download the Membership form HERE and drop it in the green PTA box in either school office.



To help us reach our membership goal of 385, we are having a drawing at the end of the month.  Grand Prize is a $100 gift card to the store of your choice and other prizes include PV water bottles and gift cards to local stores such as Yo 2 Go, McDonalds, Jamba Juice, 31 Flavors, etc. Also, if a class receives 100% participation by March 31st, they will get a Krispy Kreme donut party for their class!

Don’t miss out - please sign up by March 31st!

Remember – no need to volunteer! When you join – you support PTA programs.

Send back the attached form to your child’s teacher or drop off in the green PTA boxes in the offices.

More info about PTA can be found at http://www.pleasantvalleypta.com.

If you have any questions please email Jesse Colson at jlene18@gmail.com.


Becoming a PTA Member doesn't mean "All or Nothing"!


We encourage you to become a member of Pleasant Valley PTA.

 Your membership matters! Not only at the school level, but our number of representative votes at the State PTA level increase as membership increases - so what matters to the PTA members at Pleasant Valley is really heard. In these challenging economic times, we need our voices to rise up together in support of our students and teachers. Please help us advocate for every child with your membership support. 

Just by signing up your family, you give Pleasant Valley PTA a louder voice on the advocacy issues Washington State PTA decides to focus on each year. For every 100 members we have, we get 1 vote at the state level.

Our membership goal for the 2016-2017 school year is 385 members.

A survey is sent out each year to our members to determine what is important to YOU. Representatives from PV PTA then take those results and vote on your behalf.



Did you know there are discounts available to you simply for being a member of PTA? 

PTA Perks & Discounts