Pleasant Valley PTA is a nonprofit membership association,  established in 1979 and has proudly served Pleasant Valley Primary and Middle Schools for almost 40 years.  The Pleasant Valley PTA is chartered by and affiliated with Washington State PTA.



Pleasant Valley PTA Mission Statement:

To be a welcoming and supportive organization that fosters, advocates for, and enriches the lives of all children by incorporating the talents and ideas of parents, teachers, students and the community.



PV PTA Goals & Objectives:

  • Develop programs based on Pleasant Valley PTA's "Academics, Activity and Advocacy" motto

  • Provide 3 teacher grants twice a year

  • Increase membership to 385 members during the 2018-2019 school year 

  • Work with the schools to support after school programs for our students 

  • Foster a sense of community and family involvement by providing community outreach and regular family activities and programs 

  • Collaborate with the Battle Ground School District, Pleasant Valley Schools, parents and community to encourage and support innovative learning by providing access to digital resources and their ongoing procurement