Attention!! Planners and Bargain Hunters!
Our annual PTA carnival / silent auction will be on Saturday May 4, 2019. The success of the auction depends on contributions. Our auction themes are as follows for those of you who might want to get a head start!
Arts & Crafts (paper, markers, glitter, crayons, etc.)
BBQ & Picnic (BBQ rubs, BBQ tools, meat thermometer, skewers, apron, vegetable basket, recipe books, etc.)
Family Game Night (board games, card games, carry storage tote, dominoes, checkers, etc.)
Family Time Around Town (gift cards at restaurants, theaters, bowling, activities, etc.)
Summer Fun (water toys, backyard games, swim accessories, picnic themes, etc.)
May The 4th Be With You (anything Star Wars themed!)
Pinterest Your Interest (adult coloring books, jewelry making kits, knitting/crocheting, paper crafts, etc.)
Sports (sports gear, golf balls, tees, towels, baseball, basketball, gloves, team themed items, tickets, etc.)